“Not only do I get the pleasure of supporting a local business, I get to try new, natural products that are kind to the earth and beautifully enriching to my body and mind.  The Chantilly body scrub by Birch Babe smells divine and does a great job of leaving skin exfoliated and refreshed.  And Sarah’s soaps are non drying and gorgeously fragranced without being too perfumed…and I’m a big fan of the Sumac and Wild Rose vegan lip butter..it soothes my lips and has a light floral aroma.  I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer.  Thank you little green shop for adding comfort and beauty to my daily routine!”  


I was so excited to have this eco shop open up down the street. As someone who was already using many eco products it delighted my heart and soul to see Tara curates some amazing local products. She carefully finds eco friendly products including creme that smells good enough to eat, lip balm that is delightful and healing, laundry products, dish soap and other products. I am thrilled to be a customer and as a bonus she delivers to my door and always includes a home baked treat! Thanks for making this world more eco friendly!


Tara goes above and beyond, treating her customers with kindness and care- I loved the handwritten poem included in my order, so thoughtful! Thanks, Tara! 


I have tried quiet a few of these products and I have loved everything. The quality is great and the scents are heavenly. My personal favourite is the sage and charcoal deodorant. It goes on smooth, smells wonderful and it really works. My daughter is sold on the babe balm. It gives a nice soft shimmer to lips and cheeks and I know it is safe for her young skin.  What really makes this shop special is Tara. She gives outstanding customer service and she has a true passion for the products she is selling.  It’s a perfect fit!


I was practically in tears when I opened my package from the Little Green Shop. Everything was wrapped so gingerly and so lovingly with brown paper stamped with floral designs and tied with hand-cut ribbons, and there was a breathtaking poem waiting for me in a hand-sewn envelope and homemade cookies wrapped in wax paper and string! I felt like I was in a romance novel, written in the last century. The amount of meticulous detail and love that went into my order was ultra moving and beyond satisfying. As for the products – I couldn’t have been happier. The Sarah’s Soap’s Sage and Charcoal deodorant and the Rose and Sumac lip balm are like butter on my skin and their scent is so natural and fresh. The sage + charcoal deodorant was a particularly pleasant surprise in its size (nice and chunky – will last me a while!) and because it WORKS!!! I am always looking out for natural deodorants and have experimented with my own using essential oils, but this by far beats anything I’ve used or made. Again, so soft and so fresh, not sticky at all and it leaves no residue. The Tru Earth laundry strips dissolved in water within seconds and not only worked super well to wash a load of thick towels, but infused them with such an invigorating scent, I found myself wanting a perfume of it! All in all, I am a HUGE fan of the the Little Green Shop. They are a rare and true thing, a model for eco-friendly businesses everywhere, sticking like glue to their commitment to the environment and to community-driven, local artisans. So. Much. LOVE! Harveen