XXL/baguette Bees Wax Wrap

$25.00 $20.00

These gorgeous zero wraps are made in NOTL with local wax! A zero waste alternative to plastic wrap. unlike plastic, bees wax wraps can breathe … thereby preventing bread from going mouldy or greens from becoming soggy. Super pretty in the kitchen. Can be used over 100 times & are biodegradable & compostable!



If you fancy a particular pattern, please specify in NOTES section of order.

‘quilt, butterfly, flowers,  green with specks, or limes’.


Wrap your baguette or fresh greens  in a BEEutiful reusable & breatheable wax wrap to maintain freshness.  14″ x 26″ Handcrafted in Niagara on the Lake by BEE WISE.