Seasonal Gift Set – custom made ceramic dish + shampoo & conditioner bar


When I started using shampoo & conditioner bars I was told that their life would be greatly extended if they were stored on a dish (where they could dry out).  I was confounded that there seemingly was no dish to accommodate both.  So I asked Kay Ceramics if she would custom make one for little green shop. 🙂

These stunning, uber clean & organic dishes are one of a kind. The raw clay finish gives the bars something tactile to hold onto. Functional & gorgeous. Oh! did I mention her Geisha feet?

Paired with these brilliant shampoo & conditioner bars from Upfront Cosmetics. I could not rave more about these bars … a truly exceptional product. Choose your set! (all are on line)

*& specify in order notes which bars you would like*

A completely unique gift set made in eco heaven!!

This oh so unique gift set  includes: this stunning, custom made ceramic dish from Kay Ceramics  (designed to hold BOTH your shampoo & conditioner bars)  + a shampoo & conditioner of your choice from Upfront Cosmetics. A gift set made in eco friendly heaven!

*simply specify in order notes which shampoo & conditioner bar you would like*