Thank you for visiting Little Green Shop!
‘little green shop’ is an old school, community based, eco-friendly co. offering sustainable (some Zero Waste) products for home & body. We take great joy in sourcing green goods that have been hand-crafted with awareness & care. Every product on the little green shelves is planet/human/& heart friendly. When possible, we offer green delivery in the Niagara Area. We so look forward to meeting you, cultivating our collective environmental awareness, & growing our green community!
“All of our little green efforts make a world of change.”
A little bit about Tara – the founder of little green shop – “little green shop is a labour of love … Or, rather, the convergence of a few loves! I have always loved nature, I have been a long time advocate of environmental awareness, community is uber important to me, & I take deep pleasure in seeing what local artisans create. Put them all together, add water & sun, & voilà – ‘little green shop’ is born!
I source Canadian (mostly local) eco friendly products for home & body. The closer to ‘Zero Waste’ – the better. How completely fabulous – I get to gather all my favourite products under one wee green roof & offer them to the community. I hope you find products within these pages which delight you & ignite your eco-curiosity!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions OR product requests.”

Tara Rosling