Thank you for visiting Little Green Shop!
‘little green shop’ is an old school, community based, eco-friendly co. offering sustainable (some Zero Waste) products for home & body. We take great joy in sourcing green goods that have been hand-crafted with awareness & care. Every product on the little green shelves is planet/human/& heart friendly. When possible, we offer green delivery in the Niagara Area. We so look forward to meeting you, cultivating our collective environmental awareness, & growing our green community!
“All of our little green efforts make a world of change.”
A little bit about Tara – the founder of little green shop – “little green shop is a labour of love … Or, rather, the convergence of a few loves! I have always loved nature, I have been a long time advocate of environmental awareness, community is uber important to me, & I take deep pleasure in seeing what local artisans create. Put them all together, add water & sun, & voilà – ‘little green shop’ is born!
I source Canadian (mostly local) eco friendly products for home & body. The closer to ‘Zero Waste’ – the better. How completely fabulous – I get to gather all my favourite products under one wee green roof & offer them to the community. I hope you find products within these pages which delight you & ignite your eco-curiosity!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions OR product requests.”

Tara Rosling


meet two of our local artisans

This is Karen & Gord of Two Acre Farm in Collingwood, On. I’m so utterly thrilled to be working with these two beautiful humans. They literally live on 2 acres of land, part of which is a designated community garden!! (behind them in the pic). 
They have a huge garden of their own from which they harvest to create their gorgeous botanical soaps & lotions … all handcrafted in small batches. & just off the garden is a studio space where Karen sews the infamous ‘eco-sponge’ … made out of recycled fair trade coffee sacs! Such an incredible array of eco goodness comes from the hands of these two people off the land of their two acre farm.


This is Monica of EarthLove Bath & Body (and her two lovely daughters). They live in Hamilton, On – yep! THAT LOCAL!  She is an incredibly beautiful person who makes incredibly beautiful products – soaps, serums, scrubs, bath bombs, lip butters, body butters etc … not just hand crafted, but heart crafted; Not just beautifully made, but also aesthetically beautiful (take a look at the lotion bars on my site & you’ll understand what I’m talking about). I honestly don’t know how she does it – stay at home mom, entrepreneur, gifted artisan  … it must be a labour of love – Earthlove.