eco sponges


Hand-crafted in Collingwood by Two Acre Farm, these amazing eco-sponges are made from fair trade, recycled coffee sacs. (How frickin’ fabulous is that?!) ¬†Touted as “a plastic-free alternative for dishes & household cleaning”, these heavy duty scrubbers (burlap on one side & cotton terry cloth on the other) are 100% biodegradable. With daily use, each sponge can last you 4-6 months. Once the life of your sponge is over, simply cut into small strips and pop into your garden compost. Sweet Zero Waste! ¬†washing machine & dishwasher safe.

(good for dishes, spills, bathrooms, and – rumour has it – even makes a great shower sponge for washing and exfoliating.)

sensationally brilliant zero waste scrubber (2 per package). Two Acre Farm.