lavender + rosehip salve


This floral salve soothes + nourishes skin with flowers of lavender, rose, hibiscus and rosehips along side hydrating shea butter + babassu oil.

This handcrafted concoction is very versatile – Use as a solid  face and body moisturizer day or night. Or as *eye serum or *solid facial serum.


RITUAL: With clean hands, rub a small amount of product on to troubled area of skin. Reapply as needed. Never apply to broken skin.

LAVENDER: gentle + soothing / rich in antioxidant + antibacterial properties
ROSEHIPS: (responsibly wild harvested) provides skin with vitamins + hydration / rich in antioxidants + essential fatty acids
BABASSU BUTTER: deeply nourishing + hydrating, rich in naturally occurring vitamin E / anti-inflammatory + antioxidant properties
► CANDELILLA WAX: a plant based + vegan wax derived from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub / acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss from skin

Repair & deeply nourish skin with this beautiful, floral salve. Handcrafted by Sarah’s Soaps, this salve can be used as eye serum & solid facial serum. 2 oz