arnica + eucalyptus salve


An infusion of hardworking, soothing arnica flowers + organic peppermint leaf blended with eucalyptus + ginger essential oils to soothe sore muscles, joints + bruised skin.  Nature’s magic.


RITUAL: With clean hands, rub a small amount of product on to troubled area of skin. Reapply as needed. Never apply to broken skin.

ARNICA FLOWERS: aids in cell regeneration / anti-inflammatory + antibacterial properties
EUCALYPTUS: essential oil contains properties that were prized for pain reduction in ancient medicine / antimicrobial + anti-inflammatory properties
TURMERIC: detoxifies skin, reduces pigmentation / anti-inflammatory + antioxidant properties
► CANDELILLA WAX: a plant based + vegan wax derived from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub / acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss from skin

Soothe sore joints, muscles, arthritis, general pain & even headaches with this medicinal, botanical salve. handcrafted by Sarah’s Soaps. 2oz.